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Time for Geography tip: 

Recently Simon Cook shared this great Geog' Clip of a potentially dangerous glacial lake in Bolivia. But what can geographers do to help mitigate this sort of hazard? 

This new Geog' Clip from Ioannis Kougkoulos shows just that! A computer simulation, which predicts the likely path of an outburst flood, were the glacial lake to burst. Notice the peak discharge estimated by the model (16520 m3/s) is equivalent to the water contained in 6-7 olympic-sized swimming pools! With that much water rushing down the valley, you can see why these events can be very dangerous indeed.


Simulated glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) from Laguna Glaciar, La Paz Department, Bolivia 

Song: Moon by LEMMiNO (No Copyright Music) 

Flood simulation: Ioannis Kougkoulos (PhD Candidate in Geosciences - Manchester Metropolitan University) 

Software: HEC-RAS 5.0.3 

Satellite image: SPOT 6 (Provided by ESA) 

Estimated Peak Discharge: 16520 m3/s

Shared by: Ioannis Kougkoulos, @geogrisk

Location: Laguna Glaciar, Bolivia