The concept of place

What is ‘sense of place’ and why is it important in the design of cities?

Cities and Changing Places - Knowledge Booster

Changing places: how do geographers study place?

Geography Research - Knowledge Booster

Geographical meanings and representations

Cities and Changing Places - Knowledge Booster

Portsmouth Aerial
Location, importance and sense of place in UK cities

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Gentrification: economic, social and political effects

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Multiculturalism rough cut.00_04_25_04.Still002.jpg

Multiculturalism in UK Cities (London)

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Petticoat Lane
Globalisation & geography of the fabric trade in East London

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Global garments: geographical imaginations, branding and attachment

Geographical Imaginations - Knowledge Booster

Saran Ipp - Final Geography - Hipsters & the High Street.00_01_24_08.Still001.jpg
Hipsters & the High Street

Cities - Community Insight

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A world without refugee camps

Global Development - Curiosity Booster

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A world without refugee camps?┃Prof Peter Mackie┃Live interview

Global Development - Curious Geographer Live Interview