Inspiring, open-access, expert-led and award-winning geography and geoscience educational videos for students and teachers.

Knowledge Boosters

Inspiring, documentary-style videos to support the UK secondary school curriculum, developed in collaboration with leading geography and geoscience experts.

Fieldwork Boosters

Hands-on, practical videos to help students master fundamental fieldwork techniques and understand the science behind them, developed in collaboration with leading fieldwork specialists and academic researchers.

Curiosity Boosters

New insight videos for the classroom, exploring some of the latest ideas in geography and geoscience that relate to the secondary-school curriculum, with academic and industry experts.

Community Insights

Geography educational and research outreach videos contributed by Time for Geography partner organisations and made available to students and teachers in over 30 major languages.

Grade Boosters

Short videos working through model answers, to help students prepare for UK exams.

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