Our Ethos

Geography is so much more than a school subject or academic discipline. It defines our everyday lives. From the moment we are born, a journey of interactions with people and places begins. All of our day-to-day activities unfold over space, place and time, putting these core concepts of Geography and the interactions between them at the heart of the constant evolution of human history. In a world where careers are becoming increasingly specialised, we believe in supporting those not afraid to seek the big picture, those not afraid to adventure outside their bubble in search of new challenges and a greater understanding of the world. We believe in supporting these people because the world needs them, if we are to build a more socially and environmentally sensitive, informed and responsible, economically and politically stable society.

They are geographers.

Our Vision

A world of interdisciplinary, geographical thinkers, who find innovative solutions to the interrelated environmental, social and technological challenges facing our planet in the 21st century.

Our Mission

To bring together the most forward-thinking researchers, educators and organisations in the geographical community, to build a channel of inspirational geography learning videos, developed as a cornerstone to the world-class UK curriculum, freely available to all and used by a UK and international audience of hundreds of millions of students and teachers.

Our Objectives

1. To develop engaging videos in partnership with world-leading universities, collaborating with geographers passionate about their subject, committed to raising their impact and inspiring the next generation. 

2. To support students in their journey from secondary school to careers that build on the study of geography, by actively promoting future education, adventure and career development opportunities for students with an interest in geography, through partnerships with the most forward-thinking universities, companies and charities in the geographical community.

Our Strategy

Our innovative team of geography academics, practitioners and educators bring together experience from across the spectrum of geography. We work together with talented student film-makers to produce the best possible content, supported by partnerships with universities and commercial organisations who share our ethos and vision. The mission of Time for Geography is further supported through contributions and engagement with our user-community of geographers.