Our Vision

The full richness of geography and geoscience brought into every school classroom by world-leading subject experts, inspiring a new, global generation of interdisciplinary thinkers to find innovative solutions to the interrelated environmental, social and technological challenges facing our planet.

Our Mission

(1) To facilitate a unique collaboration of world-leading universities, educational and industry organisations and content creators, (2) working together to develop inspiring, up-to-date, expert-led and curriculum-aligned classroom videos, (3) delivered through a bespoke, open-access platform for the benefit of every school student, (4) bridging subject knowledge and career awareness gaps between school classrooms, the global knowledge economy and green industrial revolution.

Our Objectives

  1. To build a diverse community of partner organisations and professional collaborators, bringing together the world’s leading expertise and capabilities in geography and geoscience to guide the next generation in their journey from school classrooms to university and careers shaping the future of our world.
  2. To develop and maintain the world’s most definitive platform of internationally-recognised educational videos to support secondary school (middle and high school) geography and geoscience education.
  3. To be a ubiquitous resource in geography classrooms across the UK (since 2021 reaching a classroom audience equal to all UK secondary school students) and globally (currently used in 208 countries and territories), bringing knowledge and awareness of an entire professional community to all school students.

Our Strategy

Time for Geography’s success in achieving these objectives is rooted in the very same approach to addressing global challenges that we promote to the next generation: Interdisciplinary Innovation: bringing together knowledge and capabilities from different fields to create something exciting, new and world-changing.

With the support of our partners, our strategy recognises that delivering a long-term, constructive and compound contribution to geo-education must extend far beyond creative and collaborative video production. To this end, we pursue a coordinated and diverse community strategy of video development, frictionless content delivery, and carefully-designed subject, careers and student opportunity promotion, all underpinned by ongoing platform, software and feature development.

Time for Geography combines an intricate framework of creative and technological capabilities, allowing us to provide maximum, mutual benefit to the educational community and our partner organisations. We work eyeball to eyeball on every new video we create, carefully scripting with input from subject experts (academic, industry and teaching professionals) and creative experts (stage, music and film directors, videographers, actors and even costume designers) to communicate important concepts in clear and ‘sticky’ ways, aligned with the school curriculum. We require every video we make to be accessible and engaging to school students, and approved by university lecturers for an accuracy appropriate to undergraduate level. As a testament to this you will find our videos used across many university degree programs as well as in most secondary schools.

Once live and open-access on the platform, we put the content to work. Time for Geography videos are broadcast in over 30 major languages and promoted daily through large, multinational social media and marketing campaigns, channelled through our partners community: from top universities, to industry-leading companies, national teaching associations and learned societies, you will find Time for Geography videos promoted and recommended across a global community of organisations. In turn, these organisations help guide students in the decisions that will shape their future: embedded within the learning environment, enriching further study and careers messages showcase pathways to taking geography and geoscience further and foster the future geo-talent pipeline.

Finally, our strategy embraces change in an era of rapidly shifting technology, global challenges, career pathways and life opportunities for young people. Each year, we revisit this Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategy to ensure it continues to align with the needs of the community we work with and for.