Our team of geographers

Dr Rob Parker

Rob investigating ancient landslides in Snowdonia

Dr Rob Parker BSc, MSc, PhD
Time for Geography Project Co-founder and Coordinator

Dr Rob Parker is a geography researcher, who conducts research at top universities in the UK and abroad.

Rob is an expert in physical geography and geographical information systems (GIS), with a special interest in natural hazards. He works in the Appalachian mountains (USA) where landslides caused by hurricanes pose a danger to local communities, and areas of New Zealand, China and Taiwan, where huge earthquakes threaten tens of thousands of people. He is currently based at Cardiff University.

Tim Parker

Tim exploring glaciated landscapes
in the Lake District National Park.

Tim Parker BA, PGCE
Time for Geography Project Co-founder

Tim Parker is an experienced and innovative geography teacher, and a popular educational blogger.

A regular contributor to various education magazines and websites, including the Times Educational Supplement (TES), Tim’s lesson plans and techniques are used in classrooms across the UK. As a guest speaker at educational meetings, Tim delivers talks on motivating and raising the self-esteem of school students, to improve performance both inside and outside of the classroom.

Claire Earlie

Claire out on fieldwork in South Wales

Dr Claire Earlie

Dr Claire Earlie is a coastal geomorphology expert, conducting geographical research at universities in the U.K., France and the USA.

As a field scientist specialising in how extreme waves affect our coastlines, Claire has studied some of the biggest storms the west coast of the U.K. and France have experienced over the last century. Claire is fascinated by the ocean and how it interacts with the land, studying and teaching everything coastal. Claire is currently a Lecturer in Coastal Processes at Cardiff University.

Dr Richard Waller MA, PhD

Richard is an expert on glaciers, permafrost and the landscape impacts of Arctic climate change.

Richard has been fascinated by mountain environments since he studied geography at school. His research focuses on the distinctive processes and landforms that occur in glacial and permafrost environments, providing amazing opportunities to work in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. Richard is currently a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at Keele University.

Dr Carol Ekinsmyth BA, PhD

Carol is a Human Geographer with expertise in cities, the creative industries and entrepreneurship.

Carol is fascinated by the relationship between places, industries and work. She is a leading scholar in the areas of self-employment, women's entrepreneurship and ways in which place and social factors influence people's working lives. Carol is a Principal Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Portsmouth.

Prof Donald Houston BA, MSc, PhD

Donald is Professor of Economic Geography and Head of Geography at the University of Portsmouth.

Donald conducts research and advises the government on why some towns and cities succeed economically, while others do not. Donald has particular expertise in unemployment, travel to work patterns, and the changing locations of jobs and housing in cities.

Darren Axe

Darren leading Alpine expeditions

Darren Axe BSc, IML, FRGS

Darren Axe is an international expedition leader and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Darren is an International Mountain Leader (IML), Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and public speaker. His mission is to engage people in exploratory journeys, in the diverse landscapes of the U.K., Europe and further afield. Darren’s work focusses on contemporary debates in sustainable development and the socio-environmental impacts of travel and expeditions.

Dr Harriet Ridley

Harriet on fieldwork in the central America

Dr Harriet Ridley BSc, PhD

Dr Harriet Ridley is a leading climate researcher and rock climber.

Harriet is a climate change expert. In the Caribbean and Central America, she works with indigenous communities affected by hurricane hazards and ventures into deep, tropical caves to investigate past climate. As an adventurous rock climber, Harriet frequently undertakes international climbing expeditions, exploring some of the world’s most intriguing geological and geographical areas.

Howard Parker

Howard scaling Europe's largest ice cap
at Vatnajökull in Iceland

Howard Parker BSc, PGCE

Howard is a geography examiner and an expert in exam performance and technique.

Howard brings a knowledgeable insight into how students can score top marks in their exams. He draws on over 15 years of experience marking exams as a subject specialist for a leading exam board and Head of Geography in an Independent School.

Chris Spencer

Chris on fieldwork on the Somerset coast

Dr Chris Spencer MSc, PGCHE, BSc

Dr Chris Spencer is a physical geographer specialising in coastal geomorphology, coastal management and reconstructing past environments.

Chris is an experienced lecturer in coastal processes and coastal management, who conducts research into reconstructing Quaternary Environments in the British coastal lowlands. He has a particular interest in Geography educational outreach, and delivers keynote lectures and workshops to schools. Chris is currently a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

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