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The Time for Geography team are in Iceland! Together with Iceland experts from Swansea University, Keele University and Trex - Travel Experiences, we investigate how processes deep in the Earth shape the landscapes of our planet!

In this video, we team up with tectonics expert Dr Rhian Meara, to explore the layered structure of the planet Earth:

  • • Solid inner core
  • • Liquid outer core
  • • Mantle (Mesosphere, asthenosphere and lithosphere)
  • • The crust


Written and developed by: Rhian Meara, Rich Waller, Rob Parker, Harriet Ridley, Tony Escritt, Tim Parker

Videography by: Vratislav Karas, Rob Parker

Special thanks to:

  • • Tony Escritt for making his excellent footage of Icelandic eruptions available for use in this video.
  • • Jenny Hobley, Dan Hobley and Chris Macleod for making rare rock and meteorite samples available for use in this video.


Diagram of the Earth by Kelvinsong is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (edited and recoloured for animation)

Meteorite crash over Russia 2013 video by Astronomy Today is licensed under CC-BY-3.0

Ansia Orchestra - Through the Space music provided by: MFY - No Copyright

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC-BY-3.0