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Populations living in tectonically active regions face very specific challenges and are forced to accept the risks of living with natural hazards. Simultaneously, there are benefits associated with volcanic activity, including tourism and soil fertility.

In this video, developed by Discover the World Education, Simon Ross investigates the causes and impacts of recent and historic volcanic eruptions in Southern Italy.

In this video, we cover:

  • • The causes and impacts of recent and historic volcanic eruptions, with visits to some of the localities directly affected
  • • Informative diagrams to support the study of the complex processes associated with the destructive plate margin in southern Italy.
  • • Scientific assessments of volcano monitoring and community preparedness.
  • • Consideration of the possible impacts associated with future volcanic eruptions
  • • The positive impacts of volcanic eruptions on the local people.

This video is accompanied by supporting resources and classroom worksheets.


Written, presented and produced by: Simon Ross, Discover the World Education