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Beaches and sand dunes are valuable coastal resources that require monitoring and management. In this video, with the help of coastal geomorphologist Dr Chris Spencer and fieldwork specialist Richard Thompson, we look at how to safely and efficiently conduct a beach or sand dune profile and consider why fieldwork like this is an essential step in protecting and preserving these important coastal landforms.


Written and developed by: Richard Thompson, Chris Spencer, Harriet Ridley, Rob Parker, Tim Parker.

Videography by: Catalina Jaume Gayà, Harriet Ridley, Anna Korecká.

With special thanks to Es Pla Education Centre in Mallorca.


Wave runup during Tropical Storm Colin at Madeira Beach, Florida by the USGS is in the public domain.

Sand lizard comes from the egg 🔴 by Creative Commons Media is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

USGS Storm Tide Sensors: Measuring Coastal Storm Tide and Flooding by the USGS is in the public domain.

Aerial Video: Gleason Beach Hwy 1, Storm Damage, Houses Sliding into the Ocean by rickeyFitts is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Detecting Dune Features: Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts by the USGS is in the public domain.