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Carbon on Earth is found in six major stores: the atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere, lithosphere and fossil fuels. But how does carbon move between these stores?

In this video we team up with Dr Angela Gallego-Sala from the University of Exeter, to take a look at how carbon, over hundreds of millions of years, moves through the long-term carbon cycle.


Written and developed by: Angela Gallego-Sala, Rob Parker, Harriet Ridley, Tim Parker

Videography by: Josh Carron, Harriet Ridley

Thank you to Dartmoor National Park for enabling us to film this video on Dartmoor.


Plate tectonics animation clips from Stern et al. (2017) are used in this video with permission from the author. For more information, see: Robert Stern, Warren Lieu, Asya Mantey, Andrew Ward, Todd Fechter, Eric Farrar, Sean McComber, Jeffrey Windler: A new animation of subduction zone processes developed for the undergraduate and community college audience. Geosphere ; 13 (3): 628–643. doi:

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Kīlauea Volcano — Summit Eruption (May 24, 2018) by the USGS (public domain)

Kīlauea Volcano — Aerial of Kīlauea Summit Activity by the USGS (public domain)

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