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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are powerful computer systems used in geography to capture, store, analyse and present spatial data on maps. In this video, we team up with Dr Harry West to explore how geographers using GIS to address real-world problems in water resource management. We explore:

  • • How GIS can be used to understand connections between large-scale climate systems, regional rainfall patterns and flooding.
  • • The use of remotely sensed imagery to monitor water supplies and manage drought conditions during the Day-Zero crisis in Cape Town, South Africa.


Written and developed by: Harry West, Ellie Barker, Rob Parker, Josh Carron, Katie Hall, Addy Pope. With thanks to the Met Office Press Team.


Thank you to the Met Office Press Team for permission to use the meteorological and forecasting visuals shown in this video.

Thank you to ESRI UK for contributing footage and GIS visuals shown in this video.

Aquarius studies Ocean and Wind Flows by Lori Perkins is in the public domain.

Swarm Technology in Space with NASA's Starling Mission by NASA is in the public domain. 

Cape Town: Notes from the future by Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is

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