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We have access to food from across the world through a system of complex global supply chains. But these systems create challenges. In this video, we team up with geographers Dr Christopher Turner, Dr Catherine Oliver and Dr Kim Ward to explore the impacts and challenges of the global food system, including:

– Food miles and carbon footprints

– Impacts on Low Income Countries

– Supply chain vulnerability.


Written and developed by: Christopher Turner, Catherine Oliver, Kim Ward, Harriet Ridley, Rob Parker, Tim Parker.

Videography by: Rufina Kaloyanova, Harriet Ridley, Emily Bilbie.


[Severe Storms and Flooding] Eureka, MO, March 22, 2008 -- Flood water stranded cattle are being rescued in the region. by Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA in the National Archives Catalogue is in the public domain.

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