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Modern energy has been a miracle for transforming our lives and raising living standards. But the energy sources that we have relied on for centuries are harming our precious planet.

In this video, we team up with geographers Jenny Pickerill, Marian Jacobs and Ankit Kumar, to investigate challenges of achieving energy sustainability, at Hockerton Housing Project: a pioneering community of eco-homes in Nottinghamshire. The video explores:

  • • UK Energy sources
  • • Energy efficiency
  • • Challenges to applying sustainable energy solutions


Written and developed by: Jenny Pickerill, Ankit Kumar, Marian Jacobs, Rob Parker, Harriet Ridley, Tim Parker.

Videography by: Rufina Kaloyanova, Harriet Ridley, Rob Parker.

Thank you to Hockerton Housing Project for enabling us to film this video. Thank you also to Bill and the Hockerton team for making aerial drone footage available for use in the video.

Thank you to the team at Atkins, for making sustainable energy footage available for use in this video.


Data on the UK's 2019 Energy Mix from BP's Statistical Review of World Energy.

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Justice Close, Leamington Spa by Lydia is licensed under CC BY 2.0.