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A powerful example of the long-term chain of hazards that continue for many years after the shaking stops, and a nice fascinator to begin tectonic hazards sessions. The largest of those boulders are the size of small houses!

After the magnitude 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the hillslopes of the Longmen Shan mountains were left damaged by seismic shaking and covered in loose debris from over 80,000 earthquake-triggered landslides. Monsoon rainfalls have triggered thousands of damaging debris flows like this, resulting in a 3-fold increase in annual landslide fatalities. 

Chinese and British scientists are working together to learn lessons from this event through the REACH project.

Shared by: Prof Xuanmei Fan, State Key Laboratory for Geohazards Prevention and Geoenivronment Protection, Chengdu, China

Location: Wenjia Gully, Longmen Shan Mountains, Sichuan, China

Captured: 18/09/2010