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Video Summary

• What is globalisation?

• How have trade and migration made London a global city?

• Why do migrants come to live and work in particular parts of London?

• How is this transforming city streets, cultures and economies?

In this video, we team up with human geographer Dr Will Monteith (Queen Mary University of London), to answer these questions by investigating the geography of the fabric trade in East London.

Attributions and Acknowledgements

Written and developed by: William Monteith, Kate Amis, Rob Parker, Harriet Ridley, Simon Ross, Tim Parker

Videography by: Oliver Draper, Rob Parker

Thank you for permission to film this video from:

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Wandsworth London Borough Council

"Expulsion from La Rochelle of 300 Protestant famillies Nov 1661 Jan Luiken 1649 1712" photograph by Orbigny-Bernon Museum is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (motion animated into video)

"Batik Trusmi Cirebon" photograph by Fpangestuphotographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 (motion animated into video)

"Malaysia (27971982790)" photograph by Urbain J. Kinet is licensed under Flickr Commons (motion animated into video)