’Open-door planning’: the art of being able to open the door to a classroom with no idea what you are about to teach and be able to put together an interesting and challenging lesson as you are going along. 

This is the subject of a new article by Time for Geography co-founder Tim Parker , which has overnight become one of the most read posts on the Times Education Supplement website . The article reflects on the reality of day to day teaching.

 “let’s be honest, every teacher has been in a situation where for one reason or another, circumstances have prevented them from planning a lesson

 Acknowledging how lesson planning on the fly gives teachers opportunities to be creative in the classroom, to produce fresh, innovative lessons, that challenge students in new and memorable ways.

“there have been some really interesting, exciting and innovative activities, that have produced great results

 Trending on social media, the article has received widespread interest from education professionals, including a lively discussion currently taking place on the TES Facebook page.

 Tim’s article is published by the Times Education Supplement website

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