A simple to plan, easy to prepare for lesson, which works on exam technique and also exam content.

You can download the worksheet for this lesson here.

I have just come to the end of the coast topic with my Y11 class and I needed some sort of a quick revision/exam practice lesson for them.  It was the same day that we tweeted the photo of the stack at Flamborough Head, which got me thinking… Could you base a lesson on one picture?

The answer….Yes!

Each pupil gets a black and white copy of the picture, with a colour copy on the board.

Task 1 – Label two features on the photo. (Self-assessment)

Note:  Make sure that the pupils label these features with an arrow, drawn with a ruler and ensure that the arrow head is touching the feature they are labelling.

Task 2 – Produce an annotated sketch diagram of the image. (Peer-assessment) 

Note:  The sketch must have some representation of the image they are copying and annotations must be detailed.

Task 3 – Draw an annotated diagram to explain the formation of a stack. (Self-assessment from a mark scheme)

Note:  The sequence in the explanation of the formation must be complete and in the correct order and the diagram must show the full sequence.

Task 4 – Explain the formation of a stack. (Teacher marked)

Note: The sequence in the explanation of the formation must be complete and in the correct order.


To finish I asked the pupils, ‘what other questions could come as a consequence of this single image?’

Basketball questioning and answering going around the room including questions such as:

‘What processes of erosion caused the formation of a stack?’

‘What other features may be present on this coastline?’

‘What sort of rock is this stack formed from?’


This worked really well for me.  Let me know how it worked for you on Twitter or Facebook