Would you like a leading natural hazards researcher and award-winning presenter to speak at your school? 

Time for Geography’s Dr Rob Parker is giving a talk on his adventures in tectonic hazards research at schools and teaching conferences this Autumn.

In a talk entitled "Climate change, earthquakes and landslide disasters", Rob tells stories of scientific endeavour and discovery, from ten years of research expeditions to mountain ranges around the world. From New Zealand's Southern Alps to the North American Appalachians, from Taiwan's Zhongyang Range to China's Longmen Shan. Rob tells of dodging rockfalls, debris flows, bears and rattle-snakes, in search of answers to big questions at the forefront of geographical research, including How will climate-change affect landslide hazards? and How can we better understand and predict earthquake secondary hazards?

Feedback from geography teachers

"My colleague and I attended the recent GA event and thoroughly enjoyed and were fascinated by your talk."

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative lecture!"

"I was very impressed with your presentation – not merely the theme or the images but the way you pitched the content so that the messages were appropriate and impactful."

If you are interested in booking a talk for your school or would like to find out more, please contact:

[email protected]